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Affiliate Income Academy:
This is a no-cost simple affiliate marketing course for complete beginners.

Please note that the course is a ‘stand-alone’ course. It was not written by Passive Income Lifestyles creator of the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge and Freedom Breakthrough 👉see below.

This is the login page to the no-cost Affiliate Income Academy

The 3 Day Training:
This is the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge by Jonathan Montoya
Price: US$7.00

The challenge is to set up a complete online business in 3 days taking a step a day – hence the mention of ‘3 day’ or ‘3 steps’.

Please see my review at this link. This is about the proven system that has helped Jonathan Montoya (creator) and many others
◾ put on hold their pursuit of their original 9-5 occupation OR
◾ just enjoying the occasional 1K day online

The Complete Course + Bonuses:
This is the Freedom Breakthrough Course by Jonathan Montoya

Please see my review and my bonuses at 👉 this link

This is a complete step-by-step training that covers every aspect and strategy of online affiliate marketing. Jonathan is well-known for his extreme depth ‘click-by-click’ detailed guidance in his training videos. In this ‘master’ course he reveals every single secret, every trick, and every strategy that has worked for him and for his students.

Funnel Tutorials:
These are short tutorials (1 to 3 minutes each) compiled by me which are specific to the 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

The four tutorials are:
3Day ClickFunnels
Main Systeme
Systeme PopUp
Funnel Next Steps